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Changes in this version

LKBO – BohuňoviceChange in airspaceLKBR – BroumovChange in airspaceLKBA – BřeclavChange in airspaceLKCE – Česká LípaChange in airspaceLKCS – České BudějoviceChange in airspaceLKDK – Dvůr KrálovéChange in airspaceLKER – ErpužiceChange in airspace; new ADC designLKFR – FrýdlantChange in airspaceLKHC – HořiceChange in airspaceLKHS – HosínChange in airspaceLKHK – Hradec KrálovéChange of local traffic regulations; change in airspaceLKHN – HraniceChange in airspaceLKCB – ChebChange in airspaceLKCH – ChomutovChange in airspace; new ADC designLKJA – JaroměřChange in airspaceLKJC – JičínChange in airspaceLKKM – KroměřížChange in local traffic regulations, change of RWY length, change of declared distances, GLD strip addedLKKY – KyjovChange in airspaceLKLT – LetňanyChange in airspaceLKCM – MedlánkyChange in airspaceLKMI – MikuloviceChange of RWY length, RWY strip, declared distances, charges, restaurant operation endedLKMB – Mladá BoleslavChange in airspaceLKNM – Nové MěstoChange in airspaceLKPS – PlasyChange in airspace; new ADC designLKLN – Plzeň/LíněChange of local traffic regulations, change in contacts, change of operating hoursLKPR – PRAHA/RuzyněADC reissuanceLKPJ – ProstějovChange in airspaceLKPO – PřerovChange in airspaceLKRO – RoudniceChange of taxiing rules, charges, and contacts; cancellation of validation flights notice; RWY ELEV change, AD buildings updateLKSB – StichoviceChange in airspaceLKSR – StrunkoviceChange in airspaceLKTA – TáborChange of AD operator contacts; new ADC designLKTD – TachovChange in airspaceLKTC – TočnáChange in airspace; new ADC designLKTO – ToužimChange in airspaceLKUL – Ústí nad LabemChange in airspace; new ADC designLKVP – Velké PoříčíChange in airspaceLKVR – VrchlabíChange in airspaceLKVM – Vysoké MýtoChange in airspaceLKVY – VyškovChange in airspaceLKZA – ZábřehChange in airspaceLKZN – ZnojmoChange in airspaceLKZM – ŽamberkChange in airspaceLKZD – Žatec/MacerkaChange in airspaceLKHODO – Bechyně - HodoniceChange in airspaceLKBORE – BorekChange in airspaceLKBRTO – BrťovChange in airspaceLKBUDK – BudkoviceChange in airspaceLKBYNO – BynovecChange in airspaceLKDOUD – DoudlebyChange in airspaceLKEXCA – Hatě ExcaliburChange in airspaceLKHATH – Hať u HlučínaChange in airspaceLKPOCA – Horní PočaplyChange in airspaceLKHRAD – HradčanyChange of SLZ field identifier.LKCHOC – ChoceňChange of SLZ field identifier.LKCHOT – ChotečChange in airspaceLKCHRI – ChřibskáChange in airspaceLKCHVO – ChvojenecChange in airspaceLKKOTV – KotvrdoviceChange in airspaceLKLOMN – Lomnice nad PopelkouChange in airspaceLKMILO – MiloviceChange of SLZ field identifier.LKMIRA – Miroslav AirConChange in airspaceLKMIST – MístekChange in airspaceLKNACH – NáchodChange in airspaceLKNAPA – NapajedlaChange in airspaceLKOPAV – OpavaChange in airspaceLKOSTR – OstrovChange in airspaceLKPISK – PísekChange of SLZ field identifier.LKTRUT – TrutnovChange in airspaceLKPAVL – Velké PavloviceChange in airspace

The site you are visiting is electronic version of VFR Manual C.R. published by ANS C.R., Aeronautical Information Service. On 1st May 2014 this new publication replaced AIP C.R., VOL III (AD 4), validity of which has ended. The objective of VFR Manual C.R. is to provide LKAA airspace users with complete overview of rules and procedures important for VFR traffic in FIR Praha, information about VFR aerodromes and a selection of information important for VFR traffic on IFR aerodromes.

The nature of contents of VFR Manual C.R. published on the internet is informatory. Only information in printed form or on CD published by ANS C.R., Aeronautical Information Service, can be considered as official.